viernes, 15 de enero de 2010


1. Were you in Italy?

2. They were in France.

3. You were famous.

4. They were in London

5. She wasn`t here.

6. Were you a doctor?

7. Was she in Madrid?

8. We weren’t at home.

9. Were you in this office?

10. They weren’t happy.


1. Did you play tennis? (play= played)

2. She played the guitar.

3. We didn’t go to Barcelona. (go= went)

4. They didn’t eat pizza. (eat= ate)

5. Did she work here? (work= worked)

6. Did they go to Paris? (go= went)

7. Did he drive a car? (drive=drove)

8. We didn’t work in this hotel.(work= worked)

9. You drink coke. (drink = drank)

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